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Friday, July 29, 2011

News :: Falling Whistles

For all of our followers and readers, we are truly and thoroughly grateful for your visit today.  We are super excited to be able to share a bit of our hearts with you today.  We'd really like for you to check out the following link and then check out the second link after you're done with the first.

We have partnered with and are actively serving along side a truly wonderful organization: Falling Whistles.  Since 2008, they have not only raised awareness regarding the truly horrific situation occurring in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, but they have been collaborating with local partners on the ground in the Congo to actively pursue child soldiers and victims of rape and help them receive the rehabilitation that they desperately need.

If you have any questions after reading the the blog or how you can get involved, please contact us either through our website or through the comment section of our blog.

Thank you!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kentucky Wedding :: Shannon and Wes

Well, we were at it again this weekend.  This time, we were in Louisville.  Oh, what a time it was.  We arrived at Shannon's parents home in the early afternoon and everyone was in a great mood.  Makeup and hair was well on its way and people were laughing and having a great time.

Wes was at the hotel which took quite a while to find.  Unfortunately for everyone driving on the east side of Louisville yesterday, one of the major thoroughfares was under construction so it was backroads all the way.  But everything fell right into place.

Though the heat was oppressive, a slight breeze kicked up and the ceremony went off without a hitch.  The speakers were working, the violins were playing, and all went perfectly.

The wedding parties were both great to work with.  Laughing, telling jokes, and getting along great.  That always makes the day go much smoother.

Shannon and Wes, you had a wonderful day and we are so honored you would have us document it.  We hope you enjoy what you see.

Tune in two weeks from today to see Kayla and Clay and how they celebrate their day!