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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bekah Cone decided to have some photos taken.....

This past week, Bethany's friend (and now mine) Bekah Cone asked us if we could do a small photo shoot for her. Nothing fancy and nothing over the top. She wanted to have some nice pictures taken for...well...actually, I have no idea why she wanted these pictures taken. Regardless, the humanitarian spirit broke through and we said, "Sure."

So this past Saturday, we both woke up before the sun woke up and got our gear together. We headed to the north of town (a whopping 2.5 minutes away from the apartment) to a field just south of the the Wilmore Free Methodist Church. Bekah met us there and we got started.

The sunrise was gorgeous as it usually is in Kentucky (thank you God). It was seasonally cool and the dew was just still sharing its wetness with us. The feel was very rural and Bekah almost had me fooled into thinking she was a cowgirl (unfortunately, she wasn't wearing the proper attire).

After we shot for a while in the field in the north of town, we all jumped in our respective combustion powered vehicles and drove into "downtown." Bekah performed a Superman-like change of clothes and we had another go at it.

This set had more of an urban feeling to it. She got dressed up and we took shots next to a dilapidated building, a shop with purple shades, and a couple of wooden staircases.

All is all, the experience was awesome (mutually, I hope). Bethany and I both feel like the shots from this session were some of the best we have made thus far in our short careers.

Bekah, we hope that you like these.


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