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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Seniors 2010: Robert and Trey

Bethany and I had the chance to travel again this weekend. We got up early Saturday morning and headed down to Pikeville, KY again to shoot with some friends of ours. Linda Coleman, Oleva's mother, had been interested in getting Robert's senior photographs done for some time. We were just waiting for a good time. The autumn time in the Appalachian mountains is a great time for any kind of photography, so we took advantage of a free weekend. We were photographing Linda's son, Robert, and his best friend, Trey. They are currently seniors at East Ridge High and are graduating next spring.

We arrived in Pikeville in the late morning time. It was a wonderful time to share with Linda and her friend (and Trey's mom) Debbie. Linda has Multiple Sclerosis (MS) but she has refused to let that slow her down. She was a very active part in our shoot. She helped show us around the area, showed up spots where she thought the scenery would be the best, and was a great inspiration for the day. Thank you so much Linda!

We were able to travel all around Pikeville this trip. We were able to see the downtown and river areas along with Bob Amos Park up along the cut-through. We were also able to see a little bit of Pikeville College (the medical school that Makayla attends). There was also an estate that we were able to shoot on that was owned by a Pikeville-local dentist. His family was incredibly accommodating and let us wander all over his property (He even came out to watch us work!).

Robert and Trey were wonderful to work with. They were incredibly patient with us as we were changing our equipment in and out due to incredibly bi-polar lighting conditions. They laughed with us when I would say something stupid or almost fall and break things. They helped make a chilly afternoon warm with good conversation and laughter. We thoroughly enjoyed out time with those two and hope that they enjoy the photographs that we were able to capture.

Guys, good luck this final year of school. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

Until next time....

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greenpony24 said...

Hello AJ, I read your blog! You are very talented. I actually haven't told you yet, but I did work for a photographer for several months. I hadn't said anything because then I would have to elaborate on my opinions; I still have frustration over that job. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I stopped by. -Sarah