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Friday, September 10, 2010

A bit of a vacation....

So, Bethany and I were able to go on a much needed vacation over Labor Day weekend.  We went to visit relatives in Johnson City, TN.  It seems that every time we mention going on vacation, we then tell you that we went to Johnson City.  And there is a reason for that.  Its like our second home.  Bethany's uncle, aunt, and cousins all congregate in that area and we feel the urge to wander on down there once and a while, ourselves.  This time, we took Bethany's brother, Ben.  Hi Ben.

Anyway, we were able to camp by Lake Watauga and it was fabulous for photo-taking.  Open skies out in the middle of nowhere.  A massive body of water to reflect any type of outerspace light source.  Crisp cool weather to just relax in.  Really, a win-win-win situation.

We really focused on HDR photography over this trip.  For those of you not familiar with this technique, it is basically taking 3 or more photographs and putting them together to make one, completely metered photograph.  If that went over your head, don't worry.  It does that to most people.  Here are some samples.  Anyway, we have been slowly putting some of our work up on Flickr.  I haven't been the biggest fan thus far because it seems so hard to have someone find your work.  There are just so many people posting every day, it is easy to get lost in the shuffle.  But some of our images from Labor Day weekend has changed all of that.  Click on the link below each image to see a larger sample.

Early Morning at Lake Watauga
Early Morning at Lake Watauga

Late Evening at Lake Watauga

We hope you enjoy these shots.  We certainly loved taking them and the time we had with family outdoors.  We know that landscapes are our normally subject matter, however, these were too good to pass up.  Thanks for reading.  See ya soon!

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