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Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Daum Family

The Daum's have been a target of a lot of advertising since the beginning of Wells Photography.  Jeremy has been a coworker of AJ's since AJ started at Lexmark.  For almost 3 years now, AJ has badgered him about getting family portraits done.  Well, that has finally happened.

We headed over to the UK-Fayette County Arboretum on a Sunday afternoon.  Surprisingly, it was incredibly busy.  There were at least 3 engagement shoots going on and an even greater number of families taking the time to get out and enjoy the unseasonably warm fall evening.  We got there just as the sun was starting its decent so the light was great.  Not to strong and incredibly warm in color.  We even found a green patch of grass.  If you haven't been in Kentucky for the past month, you need to know how dry it has been here.  All other grass in the state is brown right now.  

This wasn't an incredibly long family portrait session, but it was full of memories.  Thank you Daum family.  It really was a special time.  We hope you enjoy what you see here and what you see when your gallery is up and running.

'Til Next Time.

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