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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Washington, D.C. :: Take 2 ::

This past weekend, we had another chance to head to Washington, D.C. and shoot around.  We were able to visit some of the war monuments as well as the Washington National Cathedral.  The above shots were taken at those two locations.  You will notice photographs of the Washington Monument.  It is actually just up the road from the World War II memorial (which we were unable to visit during this trip).

All shots were taken with Canon equipment (just like everything else we are able to photograph).  So give props to Canon for manufacturing equipment that is able to withstand frigid temperatures and less-than-ideal weather patterns.

We hope you enjoy what you saw.  Come back and visit us soon!

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Child Care Council IT dept said...

AJ and Bethanie the pictures look awesome you guys really did a good job.