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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kentucky Engagement :: Kayla and Clay

This morning, Bethany and I woke up and had no clue if we were going to be able to make this shoot happen.  It all started last night when we heard the tornado sirens go off.  The entire evening, severe weather threatened to make our Friday night not very much fun.  We hoped it would end there, but then we woke up to buckets of rain and lots of lightning.

So we got in the car with our assistant (and brother!!) Ben.  And lucky us, there is no service on the Mountain Parkway.  We really had no way to get ahold of Kayla and Clay until we got into Pikeville.

And it rained....and rained...up until we reached Pikeville city kidding.

Once we got to Pikeville, everything went to plan.  It really was awesome.  Not only were we able to finally meet Kayla, Clay, and Clay's mom Missy, but we were able to meet the Clay's dogs, too.  And being the animal lover she is, Bethany loved that.

But that's not important right now.  Bethany, Ben and I were able to get to know Kayla and Clay a little better while we were able to shoot an engagement.  And we love doing that.  So, here is the sneak peak. We had a hard time choosing our favorites (too many to choose from!!) and we also wanted to keep a few surprises for the soon to be newly-weds.  Ask them for the password to see the rest!

Kayla and Clay, it was wonderful to finally meet you and we can't wait to be a part of your wedding day!

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Anonymous said...

It was such a pleasure meeting the three of you today. Clay and Kayla really seemed to enjoy the photo shoot. I loved the sneak peak and can't wait to see the rest!!!!