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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kentucky Wedding :: Amara and Mike

A week ago, we finally met Amara and Mike.  They contacted us a while ago and from there, through a series of events, we were finally able to offer our services.  And we are glad that we did.

First of all, Mike and Amara are the sweetest people in the world.  They were sincere and were easy to talk with.  So we knew this was going to be a great experience.  The only rain clouds that we saw for their wedding day were, quite literally, rain clouds. That and the apocalypse.  Thankfully, neither happened.  The day was absolutely gorgeous.  So was the wedding.  Their families were a breeze and a joy to work with and so was their bridal party.  An absolute job.

We were also able to work with some great vendors.  Thoroughbred Limousine picked up the bridal party and whisked them away to Keeneland where wonderful food was prepared and served by Turf Catering Company.  Special shout out to the bar tender.  Way to go my man.  And then there was Chris Cord.  He was our Master of Ceremonies.  He was our DJ.  And he had a great touch.  He was kind, considerate and he loved to make the atmosphere perfect.  Kudos to Chris.

All in all, it truly was a wonderful day.  We love the couple and those they have surrounded themselves with.  We wish for them the best marriage possible and we hope they don't make strangers of themselves.

God bless Amara and Mike!


Nadine said...

Sooo beautiful!! I can't wait to see more!! I saw you taking pictures all afternoon...non-stop. There are gonna be some AWESOME shots. Great job! Congrats Mike and Amara!

Anonymous said...

To Bethany and AJ. I cannot express how much we enjoyed having you do Mike and Amara's pictures. Your work ethic is phenomenal. We look forward to meeting you again!!!


Miche said...

These pictures look really fantastic! I can't wait to see the rest of them. You all were really amazing yesterday!!

Anonymous said...

Loved the pics! Thanks you two for making my wedding day memories perfect and being so great to work with!