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Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Final First Post of the Grand Happenings


Soak this in.  History is being made.  I will never again post a first post of this site.  I am going to use this as a way telling the happenings of life for all to read.  Also, I will be using this as a place to post photographs I have taken to display my progression as a photographer/laser printer engineer.  The first part of that sentence has no bearing on the last part of that sentence.  Just FYI.

Ok, so, first picture.  Bethany and I went next door to Great Commission Fellowship (GCF) and I took some pictures of her in the fall leaves.  She's so pretty.  I will upload some more later.  

However, I am going to wrap up this first post.  It's almost thanksgiving and Dad is coming home from Afghanistan in a little less than a week.  Please pray for him as he travels.  Also, please continue to pray for Bethany's parents while they are in Africa.  They should be coming home sometime in June, 2009.  

Love to all.


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