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Monday, November 17, 2008

Leaves, Vera, Chocolate Cake

Today is Monday.  It was definitely a Monday.  First of all, before I go any further, I need you all to do something for me.  Say hello to your mother for me.  And if need be, your step-mother.  Ok, with that out of the way, lets continue.  
Albert Pujols won the MVP today.  I'm pretty pumped.  It gives me hope for life, really.  He missed almost a month of playing time and still won the MVP.  Next time I'm sick with the flu and my boss wants to know where I am, I'll just remind him that if Albert can win the MVP, I don't have to show up at work for a couple of....weeks.  Bam.
Mark and I got a text from Bama today.  I'm sure other people got it too, but we are probably the most important.  It talked about liberty and the right to vote and dirt and Bill Clinton.  It was moving and I am now a better American.  Thanks Bama.  
The Eagles tied the Bengals yesterday.  I really can't expand on that topic for fear of setting my computer on fire.  Curse you Reid.
Enough sports. 
I took this picture today.  It is of leaves.  That is all on the picture.
Mark is laying next to me right now.  That's why the content of this post is pretty bogus.  I will have to write more when he is not with me so that the elderly folk reading this will have a clue of what I'm talking about.  Sorry guys.

Message from Mark: When AJ says "elderly folk", you know he's talking about you, Vera. In other news, my recent batch of chili was a little too "tomatoy" but otherwise splendid.  I also feel a leading towards apple sauce manufacturing.  And for all those concerned, I still have ten toes.  Oh yeah, and you won't believe what I did in the bathroom this....

Whew, sorry folks.  This is AJ again.  Man, can't take him anywhere.  I went to go get some Kool-Aid and when I get back, he's about to talk about the bathroom.  Ok, well, until next time.

Love to all.