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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wedding: Amanda and Tyler got HITCHED! Photo Sneak Peak

A friend of mine and Bethany's asked a few months ago if we would be willing to shoot a wedding for her friend, Amanda.  Of course we said sure.  "Just let us know when," we said.

Well, that "when" was this past Saturday.  And it was a blast!

Amanda and Tyler got engaged in October and have feverishly been planning their wedding.  We were able to meet a few times (through car accidents and horse mishaps).  As we learned more about her idea of the service, we really got the feeling that the wedding was going to be a smaller wedding, consisting of family and close friends.  It had a very strong, communal feeling, which Bethany and I love.  I was instantly drawn to the idea of shooting this wedding.  We love to feel community that is strong and vibrant.  Both families were great to work with and both were as hilarious as they could be.  Especially Michael, Tyler's dad.  His wit brought smiles to faces all around him.

The wedding took place at Camp Pleasant Baptist Church in Frankfort, KY.  Brother Don officiated the service which seemed like such a natural thing, it was almost hard not to just watch the beauty take hold.  But most importantly for us as photographers, we had Melissa there to help us out.  She was the wedding coordinator for the church, and can I just say that she was fantastic.  Absolutely wonderful.  And not just for us, but for the bridal party and the families of both Tyler and Amanda.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.  She not only ran to JCPenny's to get a security tag removed for a bridesmaid just mere hours before the service commenced, but she also was there to get the reception hall ready right before the service started.  She was a great go-to delegator and she helped the whole process run as smoothly as possible so that Amanda and Tyler's day was as special as possible.  Melissa,  I hope we get to work together again, soon.

Here are a few of our favorite photographs from the wedding.  There are more coming, but I wanted to get these up as soon as I could.

Amanda and Tyler: Congratulations!  May God bless not only the coming days, but all your days from here until eternity.  Bethany and I will both be praying for you!

Until next time.

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Vera said...

WOW! Great job...can't wait to see more! You have found a super power here to add to the rest of the ones you have.