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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nate and Alex are getting ready for a BABY!

About two weeks ago, Bethany and I had the opportunity to meet with two of our friends, Alex and Nate.  They are expecting parents and it has was awesome to catch up with them.  They were on the verge of picking the baby's name (which the have since done, hence the title for this blog) and Alex was getting anxious.  

Both work at local hospitals (which seems quite convenient if you ask me).  Alex at UK and Nate at St. Joseph's.  I think this will could come in handy.

They were both trying to act calm, but I think we could see that they were both nervous and excited.  It was cute to see and encouraging as Bethany and I are still a newlywed couple.  We get nervous about the thought of children, but for me at least, hanging with Alex and Nate helped ease some of those apprehensions.  

We wish the absolute best to Nate and Alex.  We ask you, our readers, to keep Alex and Nate in your prayers.  We certainly will!  

And when the time comes, we hope we get to meet Carson Porter!

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