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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Amy and Arne are Married!

Amy and Arne have been an extraordinary couple to work with.  We were introduced through another photographer friend of mine, Cydil Waggoner.  Thank goodness she did.  Bethany and I loved every moment of working with them.

Amy is an architect with Gray Construction.  Arne is a statistician at the University of Kentucky.  Obviously, these two were very savvy with numbers.  However, what I was surprised (and I am not sure why) with was their desire for art in their wedding photographs.  This helped me feel at home.

Bethany and I found that we had a lot in common with the Bathke's and some of their friends.  Tami and Dave were the wedding coordinators for Amy and Arne.  I am sure Dave doesn't want to be known as such, but I think Tami appreciated all of Dave's background help.  If you are in need of an event coordinator, I will try to get you in touch with Tami.

The party was hopping up until the end.  The dancing was alive and the cake tasted great!  What more do you need for a great party?!  A great speech of course.  And those were given by a number of people.  However, the last showed the heart of this couple.  It was focused on others, and how special others made the night.  Arne and Amy met while volunteering with the Central Kentucky  Council For Peace & Justice.  this service-driven mentality was brilliantly shown in Arne's speech last night.  It really made Bethany and I feel truly blessed to be a part of this couples special day.

Thank you, both of you!  And may God bless both of you abundantly!

Until next time.

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