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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jordan and Makayla got married!


            Just ten short months after being able to take engagement photos for Makayla Mullins and Jordan Kiser, we found ourselves again traveling through the beautiful Pikeville region.  This time, however, we were there to capture their wedding!  We were very excited to be able to see Makayla and Jordan again and be able to share in their special day with them. 

            We arrived in Pikeville around 9:00 a.m. and found our way to a beautiful and classy salon called Ivy Court Studio.  There, we were able to spend some time with Makayla as she got her hair done.  We got some shots of her and were able to congratulate her.  We then headed over to the Caney Creek Freewill Baptist Church, where the ceremony would be held.  We scoped out the area for some potential photos and were able to go inside and see the sanctuary.  Makayla and Jordan had chosen a peacock theme for their wedding and the inside of the church was alive with vibrant greens, blues and purples. It was beautiful! It was obvious that a lot of time, effort and love went into this wedding.
            As relatives and the wedding party began to arrive, things started to move faster.  AJ worked on getting the portraits of the groomsmen while Bethany was able to photograph the bridesmaids and bride put on their makeup.  After this, we took the bride and bridesmaids to a nearby yard and were able to get some great pictures although the weather was extremely hot and the sun was very bright.  It made for some very fun pictures of the bride and her bridesmaids with their sunglasses on.

            Despite the heat and bugs, everyone seemed to be having a great time and nothing could dampen the happiness that was evident on Makayla’s face.
The wedding started and everything went beautifully.  The lighting was colorful, the bride’s dress was stunning, the flower girl and ring-bearer were adorable, and of course, the bride and groom were totally oblivious to everything but each other. 

            Immediately after the wedding, we were able to capture some pictures of the bride and groom with their families by the creek behind the church and then we got in our car and followed the bride and groom to a nearby farm.  This is the same place were we were able to get a lot of the engagement pictures of the couple.  Here, we took pictures of the wedding party, which were done as quickly as possible because of the intense heat and humidity. It was a hot day!

            The reception was held in the Eastern Kentucky Exposition Center and there, a delicious dinner was served and some fun dancing ensued, which the younger kids really enjoyed.  The ring-bearer was especially enthusiastic about being able to dance with the bride and never grew tired of the dance floor or the attention.  He was quite cute.  Jordan and Makayla cut their cake and enjoyed being able to toast their new life together.  It was quite special for us to be able to capture these special moments and we hope that we can do it justice.  It was a very pleasant reception and everyone was so kind and it was easy to see that Makayla and Jordan were loved dearly by all present. 

            After a lot of eating, dancing and laughter, Makayla and Jordan escaped and we were able to follow them back to the farm where were able to get some beautiful evening pictures of the newlywed couple.  We were so thrilled to be able to spend more time with the new Mr. and Mrs. Kiser. 

             As the sun slowly set and we said goodbye and drove home, we felt tired yet content.  We love what we do and this wedding has been an excellent reminder to us of our love of capturing beautiful memories.  Jordan and Makayla, thank you very much for allowing us to share in your special day with you.  Congratulations and may God bless you!

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