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Monday, October 4, 2010

The Boggs : A Photographic Journey

This past weekend we had the chance to go on a road trip with two of our very dearest friends.  Fred and Kristy Boggs come from in Letcher County, Kentucky and Mingo County, West Virginia; respectively.  They have been encouraging us for some time to visit home with them. Well, on Saturday morning, we got in the truck and headed out for the two-day shoot.

Our first stop was to Kristy’s house where we were quickly caught up in the excitement in her home, where everyone was preparing to attend a friend’s wedding.  After a quick lunch of chicken ‘n’ dumplings (which were wonderfully prepared by Kristy’s mom, Judy), we headed up a hill, down the hill, through a valley, and across a river to a place where there are two train tunnels.  With one ear to the tracks, we were able to get some great pictures of Fred and Kristy inside the tunnels and on the tracks.  It was a great place to experiment with some lighting shots.  After that we headed into downtown Williamson where we were able to get some great urban shots.  Williamson had a very vintage feel to it and we loved all the different photo settings.  We were also able to get some shots of Fred and Kristy at Kristy’s high school.  It was great to be able to shoot with some great subjects who felt comfortable in front of the camera.  Kristy went to attend the wedding and Fred took us up on top of a strip mine on a 4-wheeler.  It was quite an adventure and we were blessed to be able to catch some beautiful sunset pictures overlooking the hills.  After this, we drove to the reception and were able to grab a bit to eat. The food was wonderful and we were full and tired as we set out after dark to head to Fred’s parent’s house in Linefork.  We arrived quite late and quietly headed to bed.  AJ stayed up quite late getting some star pictures since we were in quite a remote spot.

After sleeping in a bit the next morning, we woke up to bacon frying.  Fred’s mother, Rowena, served us a wonderful breakfast.  After breakfast, we packed up our stuff, showered and then headed out for another day of pictures.  It was a cold and wet morning as we headed up into Kingdom Come State Park.  We found several overlooks of the valley and had a lot of fun getting some great pictures of Fred and Kristy.  Though it was quite cold, we all still managed to have fun and it was great to see how Fred and Kristy’s personalities came out as they started to be freer in front of the camera.  With red noses we headed down into town and sought warmth and good food at the local Pizza Hut.  Over subs and pizza, we played card games and laughed until we were full.  We then headed over to Fred’s Granny’s house to pick up some tables that had been used at a molasses stir-off the night before.  She made us feel very welcome as she sat us down and fed us fresh molasses and gingerbread stack cake. 

We had a wonderful drive back into town as we told stories and planned our next road trip together.  It was such a great experience to see where Fred and Kristy grew up.  We loved being able to meet their family and hear all kinds of stories about their childhood.  We are looking forward to going back and we hope that Fred and Kristy love their pictures. It was so good to work with such great friends! Enjoy!

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