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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A little late....but important none-the-less :: Horse Day

This post is, without a doubt, a lot late in the making.  For those involved, we apologize.  However, in the middle of July of this year, we were invited, along with Bethany's family, to visit Ramona Maxwell and her husband Bob.  We were told that they had a surprise for us.  We knew it involved the horse industry but had no idea what they had up their sleeves.  

When we arrived early that Saturday morning, we found that Bob had set up a personal tour of Keeneland along with something extra that he refused to tell us what it was.  AJ had been to Keeneland once while in college but it was a first for the Steury family.  It really was neat to be there in the offseason and see things without the hustle and bussel of the racing scene.  We were able to go up in the grandstands and then go down next to the track.  Even empty, it was easy to feel the excitement in the air.  It really made us want to buy a racing hat for Bethany and a nice suit for AJ and head on down one Sunday afternoon.  Maybe even try a mint julep.  Who knows?!

After our tour of Keeneland, we got in the van and Bob shared that he was able to set up a private tour of a local horse farm called Lane's End.  This really was a special treat.  We just didn't know it at the time.  

This farm is special for multiple reasons.  First of all, it was owned and operated by William Farish.  You can read about him on Wikipedia, but the run down is that he was an ambassador, is a business man, and an avid horse lover.  With that love of horses, he started Lane's End which has raised and housed horses with relations to horses such as Seattle Slew and Secretariat.  He houses A.P. Indy, Lemon Drop Kid, Curlin, Pleasantly Perfect, Kingmambo, and many, many others.  It really was a treat.  

Take some time read up on these horses.  They really are amazing creatures and we feel blessed that we had this opportunity to meet the people that take care of them and meet the horses themselves.  Thanks for reading.  

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