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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kentucky Engagement :: Kayli and Brant

Getting a jump on things, Kayli and Brant decided it was time to have their engagement photos done Saturday.  And they had a wonderful location in mind.

Kayli's grandparents live just outside of Maysville, KY where they own a farm.  Though it rained almost all the way up to the farm, it stopped just as we got out of the car and was gorgeous for the rest of the day.

Kayli and Brant were wonderful hosts and showed us around the farm as we took pictures.  We really felt like we clicked as the day progressed.  We found we have simliar interests (Brant is a music.... connoisseur and I like to listen to that is one) and we all like blackberry cobbler (except for Bethany, apparently).  So all in all, the day went great.

Though the wedding is a year away, we really can't wait to work with these guys on their wedding day.  They are genuinely nice people and have a great sense of purpose and a wonderful sense of humor.  We felt just as much at home outside shooting as when we were inside sharing a meal.

To conclude; both Kayli and Brant are awesome.  And we hope this coming year goes fast so we can hang out again.

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