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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kentucky Wedding :: Aletha and Ranjo

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Aletha and Ranjo have been our best friends since around 1988.  At least that’s how it feels whenever we hang out with them.  They are just such fantastic personalities that it’s just hard not to fall in love with them whenever you're around them.

Wednesday, Aletha had a henna appointment that we gave a very quick sneak peak for.  The artwork was done by Red Lotus Designs out of Lexington, KY.  Jamie was awesome to work with and really took the time and care to make Aletha look stunning.  Really, we would suggest her to any of our clients, friends, or family.

And then something big happened……

Yesterday, they celebrated their wedding with us.  And their familes and friends.  It felt so personal and natural, if it weren’t for the heat, it would have felt like it was just the four of us working, making a wonderful wedding shoot happen.  But it was the real thing; and I think that takes an awesome couple to make the feeling feel so real.

They are on their honeymoon right now, but I high suggest that while they are gone, you load their Facebook inboxes chock-full of best wishes and tokens of your appreciation.  And then I humbly suggest you check out their wedding photographs, again. would really appreciate it!

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AsinaBlons said...

Great wedding! Lovely family and very much enjoyed the worship and inclusion of their guests throughout the celebration! Congrats to this amazing couple! LIVE LONG AND PROSPER! Blessings, love and prayers, The Headleys