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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kentucky Wedding (and Ohio, too!) :: Rebecca and Dima

Well, its that time again.  We had a wedding this past weekend with a couple previously featured on our blog.  Welcome to your screen, again, Rebecca and Dima.  Once again, Dima was a former high school student of mine (yes, I taught high school chemistry, and yes, my students actually learned something...I hope).  He fell madly in love with a Finn named Rebecca.  This wedding was international to begin with.  We just didn't know to what extent.

First of all, it was an early start; 6:00 AM for us.  After all the initial going-on's that accompany getting ready for a wedding, the bridal party and Bethany and I headed to Frankfort (the true capital of Kentucky) to take some portraits.  Being a lovely day and a lovely group of people, this wasn't too hard to do.  Overcoming technical difficulties is something we do best and we really got some great shots.  Thanks guys for dealing with the heat.  We know that it was brutal.

Then the interesting part happened.  We arrived at the church, and barely understood anyone.  With Finnish and Ukrainian being spoken all around us, we truly had a hard time keeping up.  We really have to give a shout-out to three very special people.  They helped us out like no one else could.  They translated countdowns and speeches.  We truly appreciate them.  Thank you three Anonymous Boyko Brothers.  You are truly the best.  And younger of the three, here is that photo I was promising you.

After the reception (which we wish we understood more of, we headed to Cincinnati with the wedding party for a few more bridal party shots along with a nice, romantic, subtle....water balloon the middle of Cincinnati.  It was awesome.  And the best part, it was completely legal.  LOVE IT!

Dima and Rebecca, we wish you nothing but the best and we pray that God blesses you.  Have a great honeymoon!

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boykoenator said...

wow..this is something we have been waiting for all day! besides still hanging out in cincy. just for comfort (Rebecca is IN LOVE with the pictures!) maybe more than me eh :/ thanks for the pictures!!! AJ, Bethany, you all were the best!!! seriously! thanks!